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Integrative Therapy

Integrative therapy, or integrative counselling combines elements of various modalities; this approach takes the stance that there is no one single modality that is able to treat all individuals and all issues.

I believe in the ability to change, and I offer a safe space to support clients to make the changes they need to in order to live a more fulfilled life. Being an integrative therapist means I am able to draw on a variety of modalities in order to support clients with their individual needs. 


My aim is to build a therapeutic relationship; where clients can experience honest empathic understanding, acceptance and non judgement. My hope is for clients to feel safe, heard and understood.

As we begin to explore your needs, we can work together to find supportive strategies, perhaps begin to become aware of and make sense of long held patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving you well. More in depth exploration may highlight and allow you to find understanding for how and why you are feeling the way you are, or why certain relationships and situations are difficult to manage.


Together we find what might be causing distress, and look at how we can make changes and choices to feel more content and move forward. 

My Approach

Frequently asked questions
Where do I begin?


It can be hard making that first step, so please feel free to email me anytime at :, and I will aim to reply within two working days. Or if you prefer, please call me on 07513 555919; if I am unable to answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We will then make our first appointment and this will be when we discuss your needs in more depth and discuss a therapeutic agreement should we decide to begin work together. 

What is a therapeutic agreement?

A therapeutic agreement allows both client and counsellor to have a clear understanding of the commitment to counselling sessions. This involves confidentiality, boundaries, cancellations, payment and expectations.

We will have a chance in our initial meeting to discuss this so that both parties are happy to proceed

How many sessions can I have, and how long is each session?

We will agree on how many sessions we feel are needed, and this depends on your individual needs.

Generally the aim will be an initial six weeks, and then at this stage we can re assess the goals of the work and either decide to continue or work towards ending.

What does it cost and how do I pay?

Currently my fee is £70 for a fifty minute session, but this is subject to change on a yearly basis. I have a few available spaces for a reduced rate of £55, for individuals for whom the full fee might be genuinely difficult to afford. Payment is by bank transfer or by cash at the beginning of each session. I will email my bank details before our initial session.

I offer a 15 minute phone consultation free of charge, to enable us to have a brief discussion about your needs and to see if you would like to book in for an Initial Consultation in order for us to meet in person,  for you to get an idea of my counselling space and to see if it feels right for you.

What about cancellations, if I miss a session, am running late or have a holiday booked?

Firstly, please don't panic! Give me a call, text or email.

If you are able to give me 48 hours notice, I will do my best to see if there is another available slot, if not, this will be a missed session with no charge.


If you are unable to give 48 hours notice, I will still try to find another slot should you want one, but you will be charged for the session in this instance.

A forgotten missed session or cancellation on the day does mean that you will still be charged for the session. This is because each week, we have an agreed time and day for us to meet that cannot be filled at such short notice.

We will discuss holidays and time away during our initial meeting. I will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible for holiday dates or if I need to cancel any sessions. 

Once we are working together, can I contact you whenever I want?

We will discuss our boundaries and expectations during our first session, which will cover contact and how to best do this.

What is your counselling space like? Is it private? 

I am able to offer a very private space from a purpose built room in my garden, it is accessed via a gate, and a short path.

What about facilities, disabled access, parking and public transport?

There is free parking on a private driveway and a bus stop nearby. I am a fifteen minute walk from Woodbridge train station. Both the counselling room and toilet are on the ground floor. The driveway is shingled, which may be more difficult should you need wheel chair access. I am happy to do what I can to accommodate your needs, this can be discussed when we first speak.

What if I have a different question?

I have given just a few examples, of course you may have many questions of your own that I have not covered. Please get in touch with any questions and I will do my best to answer your queries.


The Counselling Space



£70 is the cost of each 50 minute session. 

 I offer a reduced rate of £55 for those with genuine financial difficulties;         however, spaces for this are limited, therefore there may be a waiting list. 





   Tel: 07513 555919


Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12
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