Continued Professional Development

Introduction to working with parents who misuse substances - North Essex Partnership NHS. (2016)

Signs and Symptoms of drug use in young people - North Essex Partnership NHS. (2016)


Sex Addiction Workshop - Suffolk Association for Counselling. (2016)


Eating Disorders Workshop - Suffolk Association for Counselling. (2016)

Member Networking / Working Creatively  - BACP Suffolk Member Network (April 2018)

Love and it's Shadows - Emmy Van Duerzen. BACP Private Practice Conference. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2018).

Impact of Anxious Attachment - Julia Greer. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2018)

Do we have a choice? An attachment perspective on choosing (and not choosing). Andrea Perry. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2018).

The Emotional Legacy of Childhood Abuse and the Enduring impact for survivors of abuse. Aqualma Murray. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2018)

Concepts of Bereavement. Amy Langford. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2018)

Talking with Bereaved People. Dodie Graves. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2018)

Sexual and Gender Identity. Ann Marriott.  BACP CPD HUB.  (September 2018)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Sally Ingram.  BACP CPD HUB. (September 2018)

Eating Disorders and a Personal Journey. Allie Outram.  BACP CPD HUB. (September 2018)

Emotional Regulation. Working with Eating Disorders. Julia Buckroyd.  BACP CPD HUB. (September 2018)

'Normal' and 'Abnormal' Eating. Working with Eating Disorders. Maggie Turp. BACP CPD HUB (September 2018)

Working with Shame and Secrecy associated with self harm. Amy Beaumont. BACP CPD HUB. (September 2018)

An Intervention-led framework for self harm. Sally Ingram. BACP CPD HUB. (October 2018)

A Qualitative Study exploring types of drop out in adolescents receiving therapy in depression. Sally O'Keefe.

BACP CPD HUB. (October 2018)

Dissociative Identity Disorder. Melanie Goodwin. Suffolk Association for Counselling CPD talk. (October 2018)

Attachment -Development of Identity in Childhood. Working with Eating Disorders.  Julia Buckroyd.  BACP CPD HUB. (October 2018)

The Interpersonal aspect of eating disorders. Janet Treasure. BACP CPD HUB. (November 2018)

Integrating Artwork in Counselling. Pauline Andrews. BACP CPD HUB. (January 2019)

Broken Lines, Broken Brains, Broken Hearts. Judy Crane. BACP CPD HUB. (January 2019)

If counselling changes lives, how can we make a difference? David Weaver. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2019)

Domestic Violence, Antonella Zottola. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2019).

Who am I now? (Bereavement) Jonathan Hartley. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2019)

Can you tell me who I am? (Identity) Michelle Bridgman. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2019)

Man Up: Experiences and Learning from working with men in therapy. John Maguire. BACP CPD HUB. (March 2019)

Evidence-Based Psychological Treatments for Trauma - A Cognitive Approach to PTSD and Complex Grief.

Michael Duffy.  BACP CPD HUB. (March 2019)

Access to Therapy for Older Adults. Danuta Lipsinka. BACP CPD HUB. (March 2019)

An evening with Emmy van Deurzen. To be or not to be: An Existential Journey. BACP CPD HUB. (March 2019)

Body Based Trauma Therapy. Suffolk Association for Counselling. (April 2019)

Working Therapeutically with Dissociation. Claire Pooley. BACP CPD HUB. (April 2019)

Search for a Secure Base. Christine Askew. BACP CPD HUB. (May 2019)

Coaching Young People, Why, When and How? Carolyn Mumby. BACP CPD HUB. (May 2019)

Supporting Male Victims of Sexual Abuse. Billie Andrews & Duncan Craig. BACP CPD HUB. (May 2019)

The Journey to Hope, Recovery and Beyond. Johnny Benjamin. BACP CPD HUB. (June 2019)

Looking Through a Lens of Terribleness: A Thematic Analysis of Practitioners Working in the Field of Domestic Violence.

Sass Boucher. BACP CPD HUB. (June 2019)

Systemic Constellations. Dr Anna Magee. Suffolk Association for Counselling. (June 2019)

A Meeting of Souls. Anissa Chung. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2019)

Exploring Hope: An Experience of Soul in Counselling. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2019)

Who am I now? Military Veterans. Brian Charlesworth. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2019)

'We're here, we're queer, we don't drink beer': The Intersections of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, religiosity and non-heterosexual British South Asian Women. Anna Fry. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2019)

EMDR. Mark Brayne. Suffolk Association for Counselling. (July 2019)

The Body Keeps the Score. Christine Sanderson. (Trauma). BACP CPD HUB. (September 2019)

Shame. Christine Sanderson. BACP CPD HUB. (September 2019)

BACP Members Network meeting.  University of Suffolk. (September 2019)

The Aetiology of Attachment Disorders. Angela Thorne. BACP CPD HUB. (October 2019)

Post Incident Support. Nicola Jagielski. BACP CPD HUB. (October 2019)

Healthy and Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms and Strategies. Caroline Harroe. BACP CPD HUB. (November 2019)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. Where we were, where we are and where are we going? Marsha Linehan Ph.D. University of Washington.

UW Video, accessed via YouTube. (November 2019)

Fight, Flight, Freeze. Critical Incidents. Nicola Neath. BACP CPD HUB. (November 2019)

Neuroscience, The Body and Trauma. Dr. Nicola Diamond. BACP CPD HUB. (January 2020)

Stabilisation Work in Complex Trauma Counselling. Rixon McShane. BACP CPD HUB. (January 2020)

Suicidal Ideation. Helen Butlin and Barbara Rosenthal. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2020)

Dissociation of the Body. Frank Corrigan. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2020)

Recognising and Responding to Domestic Abuse in cases referred for counselling and Psychotherapy. BACP CPD HUB.

(March 2020)

Working Online. Jo Ames. BACP CPD HUB. (March 2020)

Coronavirus: Considering our responses and responsibilities. Kate Dunn & Carole Francis-Smith. Online Events, Behind the Screen Series.

(March 2020)

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk: The Body Keeps the Score. BACP CPD HUB. (April 2020)

Grief Works: Stories of Life, Death and Surviving. Julia Samuel. BACP CPD HUB. (April 2020)

How to do Counselling Online : A Coronavirus Primer. BACP & Open University. (April 2020)

Assessing Risk and Resilience. (Bereavement, Loss, Grief). Jan Fish. BACP CPD HUB (May 2020)

Managing Disclosure. Tracy Harrison. BACP CPD HUB. (May 2020)

The Well Resourced Therapist (Trauma). Miriam Taylor. Suffolk Association for Counselling. (May 2020)

Trauma and the Body. An Introduction to Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

Tony Buckley. BACP CPD HUB. (May 2020)

Psychoeducation. Tony Buckley. BACP CPD HUB. (May 2020)

An Attachment Aware and Trauma-Informed Perspective on Resilience: Hearing and Healing the Ripples.

Andrea Perry. BACP CPD HUB. (June 2020)

Trust as a Therapeutic Goal in Working with Complex Trauma: A Trust-Based Clinical Framework.

Zoe Chouliara. BACP CPD HUB. (June 2020)

Compassion Focussed Therapy. Camilla Ghazala. Suffolk Association for Counselling. (June 2020)

Specialist Counselling for Female Survivors of Sexual Violence and Specialist Training for Counsellors and

Psychotherapists. Laura Joanknecht. BACP CPD HUB. (July 2020)

Trauma and Dissociation: Essential Skills for Working Online. Kathy Steele, Dolores Mosquera & Tracy Jarvis.

BACP CPD HUB. (September 2020)

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, including Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder, particularly in the male population.

Nicole Schnackenberg & Alex Mummery. BACP CPD HUB. (September 2020)

How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness. Peter Levine. BACP CPD HUB. (September 2020)

Self Care. Michael Gavin. BACP CPD HUB. (October 2020)

Therapist Self Disclosure and Immediacy. Clara Hill. BACP CPD HUB. (October 2020)

Counselling Older Adults - The Best is yet to Come. Danuta Lipinska. BACP CPD HUB. (October 2020)

A Question of Soul: The Importance of Being in the Therapeutic Relationship. Mike Moss. BACP CPD HUB. (November 2020)

Working with the Soul in Autumn and Beyond. Els Van Ooijen. BACP CPD HUB. (November 2020)

Fixity, Fluidity and the Psyche. A Buddhist Perspective on the Life Journey. Caroline Brazier. BACP CPD HUB. (December 2020)

To be Met as a Person at Work - Attachment Theory in Action. Nicola Neath. BACP CPD HUB. (December 2020)

Understanding Menopause - Why it matters in the therapy room. Diane Danzebrink. BACP CPD HUB. (January 2021)

Bessel van der Kolk Trauma Interview Series: Internal Family Systems. Bessel van der Kolk and Richard Schwartz.

BACP CPD HUB. (January 2021)

Counsellor Accounts of Erotic Countertransference Emerging within the Therapeutic Setting. Mason Neely. BACP CPD HUB.

(February 2021)

Kindful and Connected Eating. Lucy Aphramor. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2021)

Applying Theories of Grief to Practice. John Wilson. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2021)

Can Therapy Help Clients Make Better Relationship Choices? Anne Power. BACP CPD HUB. (February 2021)

Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Presentations in the Therapy Room. Eurian Teague. BACP CPD HUB. (March 2021)

Trauma and Attachment. Interpersonal Neurobiology and the Traumatic Transference. Janina Fisher PHD. 

PESI UK. (March 2021)

The Function of Over Eating. Dolores O'Malley. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (March 2021)

Creating Clarity with Curiosity when working with Trauma and the Body. Sally Burke.

Suffolk Association for Counselling. (March 2021)

A Whole Service Systems Approach to Emotion Regulation. Cathie O'Brien. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (April 2021)

Being Extremely Honest: How we Self-Care. Andy Langford. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (April 2021)

Is there a Hierarchy in Grief? Julia Samuel. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (April 2021)

Body Image: Prevalence, Causes, Consequences and Interventions among Young People. Phillippa Diedrichs.


Complex Trauma - Advances in working with Structual Dissociation. Kathy Steele.


Self-Care in Private Practice. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (May 2021)

Healing from the Bottom Up. Peter Levine. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. PESI UK. (June 2021)

Attachment Theory in Practice. Dr. Susan Johnson. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. PESI UK. (June 2021)

Essential Trauma Treatment Strategies. Dr. Pat Ogden. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. PESI UK. (June 2021)

Mindsight, Attachment and Clinical Integration: An Engaging Course with Dr. Dan Seigal.


Calming the Anxious Brain. Dr. Catherine Pittman Ph.D. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. PESI UK. (July 2021)

Addiction, Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.

Dr. Vincent Felliti. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. PESI UK. (July 2021)

Managing Chronic Anxiety with Mindfulness. Ron Seigel. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (August 2021)

Safety Planning with Suicidal Clients. John Sommers Flanagan. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. 

(September 2021)

Building ALliance with Defensive Angry Clients, Part 1 & Part 2. Molyn Leszcz. BACP LEARNING CENTRE.

(September 2021)

Integrative Trauma Treatment Masterclass. Janina Fisher. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. PESI UK. (September 2021)

Therapy Today Podcast; In The Spotlight with Kerrie Jones. Eating Disorders. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (October 2021)

Working with Clients with Chronic Pain. Ron Seigel. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (October 2021)

Coaching and Trauma: Moving Beyond the Survival Self. Julia Vaughan-Smith. BACP LEARNING CENTRE.

(November 2021)

Co-Dependency: Releasing the Inner Child from its' Pain to Allow the Adult to Mature. Noel Mc Dermot. 


Exploring Suicidal Risk with Clients. Andrew Reeves. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (January 2022)

Therapist Burnout and Vicarious Trauma: Essential Information. Babette Rothschild. BACP LEARNING Centre & PESI.

(January 2022)

Bereavement Awareness. Nicola Hughes. Counselling Tutor Online Lecture. (February 2022)

Working Online and In-Person. Kate Dunn & John Wilson. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (March 2022)

You are your Story. Stephen May. BACP LEARNING CENTRE. (March 2022)